Olive Scale Sprays.

We are now into the stage of the Olive season where Scale crawlers are active on trees.

Olive Scale and Sooty Mould.
We have Biopest (R) a light spray oil in stock. Application rates are 1-2L/100L. Minimum water volume 1000L/Ha. We also have the insectcide Admiral (R) in stock. Application rate is 50ml/100L. Minimum spray volume 1000L/ha.

Both products can be applied with copper fungicides to help with Black Sooty mould outbreaks.

For heavy infestations –
1st spray, Admiral followed 10-14 days later by 2nd spray Biopest Oil. (both with copper fungicide).

For lighter infestations –
1st spray Biopest Oil followed 10-14 days later by a 2nd application of Biopest Oil + Copper fungicide.

For more information contact;

Sam Freeman - Senior Agronomist

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