Monday, December 16, 2013

Olive Scale Sprays.

We are now into the stage of the Olive season where Scale crawlers are active on trees.

Olive Scale and Sooty Mould.
We have Biopest (R) a light spray oil in stock. Application rates are 1-2L/100L. Minimum water volume 1000L/Ha. We also have the insectcide Admiral (R) in stock. Application rate is 50ml/100L. Minimum spray volume 1000L/ha.

Both products can be applied with copper fungicides to help with Black Sooty mould outbreaks.

For heavy infestations –
1st spray, Admiral followed 10-14 days later by 2nd spray Biopest Oil. (both with copper fungicide).

For lighter infestations –
1st spray Biopest Oil followed 10-14 days later by a 2nd application of Biopest Oil + Copper fungicide.

For more information contact;

Sam Freeman - Senior Agronomist

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