Sangiovese at Budburst to 2 leaf (EL-4-7) in McLaren Vale.

Sangiovese moving ahead quickly. Sept 3rd, 2014.

CropWatch McLaren Vale & Langhorne Creek are both reporting this week that weather conditions during August have been warm and dry. This has caused topsoil to dry out. While we have had rain this week, the rate of evaporation has been greater than rainfall.

A drier than normal September to November is more likely for parts of the southern Australia the Mt Lofty Ranges and the greater Fleurieu Peninsula. The September outlook suggests drier conditions are more likely for southern Australia in early spring. Southern Australia also is more likely to see warmer than usual days throughout spring. Warmer than average nights are also more likely. 

There is likely to be an increased reliance on irrigation and soil moisture monitoring this spring.

Dry soil also increases the risk of frost. Be alert for cold nights and prepare your vineyard as best as is practical. A vineyard or orchard with a clean undervine and a closely mown midrow provides a defence against frost and reduces competition for moisture.