Vineyard Monitoring Reports - ID Photos - 30/9/2014

Above: A Light Brown Apple Moth caterpillar damage to a vine leaf - 29/9/2014.
Distorted vine leaves probably due to frost damage when the shoots were still compact in the vine during August.
Distorted vine leaves probably due to frost damage.
Above: Black Bindweed, Fallopia convolvulus - emerged 29/9/2014.
Family: Polygonaceae (Dock family).
Common names: Black bindweed, Climbing buckwheat, Knot bindweed, Wild buckwheat.

Iron Deficiency.
Above: Ladybirds are active in the canopy. Below: A spider ready to prey on flying insects. 
Above: Grapevine Scale - 29/09/2014. Grapevine scale, Parthenolecanium persicae, is a well known and widely distributed pest of grapevines in Australia.
Grapevine Scale - 30/9/2014
Grapevine Scale - 30/9/2014.
Above: Grapevine Scale - 30/9/2014.
Below: Rust Mite Stunted Shoots - right shoots.


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