Bushfire Relief: Post Drive for the Adelaide Hills farmers.

Bushfire Relief: How Grape Growers Can Help.
We are working to bundle and deliver broken vineyard posts (six good feet, 1.8m left in them) from grape growers for donation to growers and farmers who have lost fencing to the Sampson Flat fire.
We’ve done this before for Port Lincoln, Victoria & the Eden Valley and fencing is one of key ways to help farmers and householder back on their feet.
You can help with in this in three ways:
1)      Do you have a supply of secondhand posts? Are they loose or bundled? If you would like to donate them can you email james@djsgrowers.com.au. Put “POSTS AVAILABLE” in the text.
2)      Do you have transport available? Put “TRANSPORT AVAILABLE”.
3)      Do you know anyone who lost their fencing? We are still working out a few logistical issues with Blaze Aid but if you could put this offer "out there" for farmers, graziers, etc in need, please have them email James Hook at DJ’s: james@djsgrowers.com.au to register their need. Ask them to write “POSTS NEEDED” in the subject line so James can track and respond to them efficiently. If they know a central location that they could be dropped to that helps. The posts come on a truck bundled.
Please feel free to forward this message on.


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