Vineyard Monitoring ID Photos - 8/1/2015

ABOVE: Berries Veraison (EL-34) in Malbec near the Langhorne Creek township.

Air temperatures peaked at 43.2oC on 2/1/2015 and 41.2oC on 7/1/2015. Burn has been seen on both fruit & leaves. Around the region we have seen an average croploss of between 3-5%. There are some sites were we have seen significant losses (10-15% of harvest yield).
Lower leaf yellowing continues across all sites and water stress symptoms are common. PICTURED ABOVE - Cabernet Sauvignon before the rain 7/1/2015.

Rain with high humidity has increased the risk of Botrytis Bunch Rot. The heavy rain yesterday may have caused berry splitting. Bunches need to be checked for signs of mould. Look for areas where there is standing water, The humidity will stay high here for several days until the water evaporates.

Verasion in McLaren Vale - 6/1/2015

 Lacewing eggs - ABOVE & BELOW